The Sabarimala Temple:The Controversy That Shook The Country

Hinduism Is In Danger now!!!This Time Lord Ayappa Is Uniting Hindus From North And South To Take A Stand Against This!!

Today It Is Sabarimala,Tomorrow It Can Be Another Temple


Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha Temple is situated at Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta district ,Kerela,India.It is located inside Periyar Tiger Reserve and holds the the record of the largest annual pilgrimmage with 17 million devotees visiting it every year.It is a emblem of the Hindu religion which is unfortunately at risk.


Date Constructed: Before 12th Century

No Of Temples:4


Every Hindu temple has some traditions,history and vows associated with it which has nothing to do with gender or caste discrimination.

In Sabarimala Temple Lord Ayappa is a celibate or in sanskrit we say he is Naishtik Bramhacharya according to Sanatan Dharma.I mean to say that he is practicing a severe format of Bramhacharya. To maintain it no women in the reproducible age group is allowed in the vicinity in which he sits.

The Controversy

Is a All Boy’s School Or A Women’s College Against Gender Discrimination???Then why such political Upheaval On Sabarimala???

On 28th of September 2018 The Supreme Court passed a judgement of allowing the entry of women within sexually reproductive age group that is between 10 to 50 aged women into the premises of Sabarimala Temple where Lord Ayappa resides.

The verdict was passed with 4:1 ratio where ironically Justice Indu Malhotra disagreed citing that this is a question of faith and cannot be judged by the court.She said”The writ petition does not deserve to be entertained for want of standing.The grievances raised are non-justifiable at the behest of the petitioners and intervenors involved herein.”

Controversy No 1

1)If the tradition of not allowing women into the temple premises is associated with the stigma associated with menstruation considering them as impure then the temple would had allowed women in the temple except those 5 days.

But that is not the case,right????Women within sexually active age are not allowed in order to respect the severe penance Lord Ayappa is enduring as a Celibate.My Question to the Women in India ,How is it against Gender Discrimination???

Controversy No 2:

There are temples which worship the physical process of menstruation like the Kamakhya Temple in Assam .There are temples which are only female oriented.Even in Mosques Women are not allowed in it after sunset.Why all of a sudden the communists,atheists are so adamant on destroying the traditions of Sabarimala???

Controversy No 3:

It is a false accusation that women are not allowed inside Sabarimala .Girls below 10 and women above 50 do visit the temple.It has nothing to do with the stigma associated with menstruation.

The Atrocity

Why are the communists so hell bent on destroying the tradition of Sabarimala????The answer is simple.

Sabarimala is the largest annual pilgrimage for the Hindus. They want to create a huge blow to Hindu traditions.

Recent Upsurge

Recently three women amidst all protests and violent turmoils entered the shrine who have one thing in common:and that is none of them are devotees of Lord Ayappa.

1)Bindu,a maoist activist.

2)Kavita Jakkala a journalist.

3)Rehana Fatima,a muslim and backed by the CPIM.

The Penance To Worship

To Worship Lord Ayappa one has to go through the following to attain his blessings:

1)You need a keep a penance of 41 days where you need to free yourself from bad thoughts,sex,alcohol,non-veg and rich food.

2)Especially males do not shave their beard or chop their nails to basically take the form of an aesthetic.

3)after 41 days,you need to take offerings on your head which include rice,coconuts etc of around 3 kgs and need to climb a distance of 9 km bare-footed and bare-chested.

4)One might endure a lot of wound and scratches in this strenuous journey as these is a part and parcel of the path.

Ayappa Jyoti

In protest of such verdict by Supreme court people including women and children formed a human chain of 795 km with lit diyas and chanted ayappa prayers .

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