Roshogollas Or Ami Tomake Bhalobashi!!!!!

The Sweetest Part Of India-Calcutta

Roshogolla or ami tomake bhalobashi might be the first word that cuts across your mind when you first hear about Calcutta but this extravagant city is much more to it.

The Victoria Memorial

as the line goes-

“If you want a clean city go to Delhi;

If you want a rich city go to Bombay;

If you want a techie city go to Bangalore;

but if you want a city a soul and heart come to Calcutta”

A hub of cultures and traditions where people from different parts of the world intertwine with each other.the city of joy will never fail to amuse you either with it”s mouth watering street food or it’s tourism sectors like Victoria Memorial or the Howrah Bridge .

The Howrah Bridge

a land of freedom fighters and down to earth bengalis who speak bengali as their mother tongue which is voted as the sweetest language in the world,preach that humanity has no caste,creed or religion.there is a different kind of nostalgia associated with this city which makes it stand out among others.

wanna discover this wonderful city full fledged???here are some eye catching glimpses of this city .Stay glued to your seats as we embark upon this remarkable journey.

The bong beauty

well how we start unleashing this iconic city without mentioning it’s bong beauty!!!it is said that a sari clad Bengali meye singing Rabindra Sangeet is extremely soothing to eyes.

the Eden gardens

when you land in Calcutta  do make sure to catch a glimpse of this stadium of historic importance.Coined as the largest stadium of India with a seating capacity of surely gives an edge over others.

The Eden gardens

The zoological park,Alipore

the largest zoological park never fail to tickle our fantasy with it’s amazing display of flora and fauna.


The city might be flourishing at an exhilarating rate but it has firmly clasped roots.Be it’s trams or hand pulled rickshaws this city defines modern beauty with a fusion of British architecture.

The Hand Pulled Rickshaws

The Lavishing Street Food

After going through this topic if your mouth didn’t water then you are not passionate about food as hardcore bongs are.The street food of Kolkata fascinates every food enthusiasts to taste it’s different flavors with a touch of love.

The Kathi Rolls

The Culture

Durga pujo is a grand affair in Bengal where each and every part of Calcutta joins hands to celebrate the victory of good over evil,whether they are sex workers,widows or members of LGBT  community .Here people believe in inclusion and know how to be an example to others.

Durga Pujo

Freedom Fighters

this city is the birthplace of many eminent freedom fighters who taught us to live life on our own terms.Be it netaji or Rabindranath Tagore they left no stones unturned to grant us independence.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

College Street

College street is the largest hub of second hand selling books all over the world.So next time if you  happen to pass by this amazing place,do check out some rare collection of books which are found nowhere else in the world.

college street

to summarize this city is a rich cultural heritage with a touch of modernity.Possessing the national library ,the Botanical Garden ,Shibpur and lots more will tickle your fantasy immensely.So next time if you are in Calcutta do make sure to have a never ending list to visit in Calcutta and find yourself immersed in it’s essence.

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