How To Have A Command Over Your English???

When A foreigner Speaks Broken English;

it’s sweet,

But when an Indian speaks Broken English;

it’s Shame.

In today’s age, knowing and speaking good english is must in order to live a healthy lifestyle especially if you are an Indian.Sounds amusing right??

But unfortunately this is the worst part.If you are an aspiring engineer,doctor,fashion designer,police then acquiring the fluency in english is an important criteria.

Need To Know English

There are reasons in which we find it difficult to have a command over this language.Over time i have received requests from people to help them in their English . Some possible reasons are:

1)Students belonging from regional medium schools like Bengali or Hindi find it a herculean task to converse in English,as they have only spoken in their mother tongue for the last 13 years or so.

2)Lack of confidence or proper environment may have prevented them from increasing their speaking skills in English.

3)Speaking disorders or memorising problems could be a critical reason.

So Here Are Some Tips

So people who were badgering me with tips to improve your speaking skills here are my few tips.Hope it helps you.DO let me know your experience in the comment section below.

1)First all have confidence within you.You just need to learn to express yourself first in whatever language you know.I strongly believe that knowing your mother tongue is much more important than knowing English.So chill!!!!

2)Secondly,i want you all to know that fumbling is absolutely normal.Everyone has this problem.Even i face it.When you are in the middle of a conversation and you start fumbling, you start getting ashamed of yourself and then you lose your flow.

don’t,please..Gather confidence within you and continue your conversation smoothly without feeling embarrassed.

3)For a beginner ,start practicing from simple words.No need to learn difficult words.Remember,English is all about how much simple words you can use in your speech.

4)To improve your pronunciation ,stand in front of the mirror and start repeating the words.Do keep a check on your body language and maintain your eye contact with your image.

4)You don’t need to take speaking classes if you follow these rules seriously. As a beginner go through the following books as for me reading novels or newspapers loudly is the best method to improve your language

…. Secret Seven By Enid Blyton

….Crime thrillers by Agatha Christie

….novels by Ruskin bond(These are my personal favorites,so go for them)

…Famous Five by Enid Blyton as well

….Nancy drew/Hardy Boys by Edward Stratemeyer 

5)One more tip.Go through Newspapers daily and read them aloud.

So Here Are My Tips.If you like them and want more tips and procedures from me do comment.

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